Vital Records in Lithuania #general

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

Just because you go to the Archives, it does not mean they will have your
records. Many towns no longer have records or have only minimal records
which are not vital records, i.e., Census, Revision Lists or Tax Records.
In the instance of Kupiskis, Lithuania, the pre-1900 vital records (birth,
marriage, death) no longer exist.

So your friend's experience is not an unlikely one.

Prior to going to Lithuania, she should have checked with the Litvak SIG to
determine what actual records were available for her town, if any at all.
Some may have been located in the Kaunas Archives as opposed to the Vilnius
Archives. If she had known what district her town was in, she might have
been able to locate information relating to her town in that way. For
instance, the 1892-1894 Ukmerge Family List contained the names of many
families >from Kupiskis.

Your friend can still go to the Litvak SIG web site on JewishGen and locate
any pertinent information and then join the corresponding Litvak SIG
district group or contact the appropriate Archive to obtain records.

Ann Rabinowitz

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