TribeFinder #general

J Schamroth <scham@...>

The TribeFinder project was a private initiative on the Shtetlinks/Krakow
website designed to track tribal status (Kohen and Levi) of Krakow

The trial phase is complete, and we are now pleased to announce that the
TribeFinder project will cater to ALL SHTETLS that are found on the
Shtetlinks site. In other words, you can now share and obtain information
about Tribal Status for any Shtetl.

If you are aware of the Tribal Status of an ancestor, please consider
recording the data with TribeFinder. It can be found by following the link
at the top of the Shtetlinks/Krakow homepage:

Irrespective, please take a look at the TribeFinder project where you will
find a lot of info about tribal lineage.

J Schamroth
Shtetlinks/Krakow Webmaster

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