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L. <alethea@...>

Here is what I found.

Kazimiera f Polish - Feminine form of Kazimierz

Kazimierz m Polish - Polish form of Casimir

CASIMIR m English - to destroy greatness >from Slavic kazic "to
destroy" and meri "great, famous". Four kings of Poland have borne this
name, including Casimir III the Great, who greatly strengthened the
Polish state in the 14th century. The name also belonged to Saint
Casimir, a 15th-century Polish prince and a patron saint of Poland and


Lara Clark
Houston, Texas

>yslizak@... (Yaacov Slizak) opined:
>>Dear Friends,
>>Is the polish first name "Kazimiera" a typical Jewish one? I have
never heard of this one.
>>A Polish pal friend of mine is called SPOSOB - surname I am
researching - but his family (up to grandparents) have no knowledge of
any Jewish heritage.
>>His grandfather is called Roman and he's >from Radzyn Podlaski (Pol).
His grand-aunt is called Kazimiera and she's >from Ivano Frankivsk (Ukr).

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