Explaining names of documents in the Wiener Stadtarchive #austria-czech

shlomith toaff

I am researching the EINZIGER family in Vienna and

Asking the Wiener Stadt-und Landesarchive what
documents they are able to find, based on names and
dates I have >from the Zentralfriedhof , I received an
answer listing document's names that mean nothing to

I'll appreciate any explanation about those documents
and what can I expect to find in them.

Here is a copy of the part of the archive's letter
dealing with the documents:

" Im hiesigen Bestand sind die
Verlassenschaftsabhandlungen WStLA, BG Ottakring, 1A
9/1927 (K. Einziger), BG Hernals, 1A 384/1925 (J.
Einziger), BG Hernals, 1A 182/19 (M. Einziger) sowie
BG Innere Stadt, 13A 501/1942 (N. Einziger)
vorhanden." "(ca. 20 Seiten)"

Shlomith Toaff

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