Research in India and Pre 1948 Israel #general

Josh Brown <gettysburg63@...>


I am helping my father's cousin with her genealogical research and I was
wondering if anyone could tell me how to research records in India and Pre
1948 Israel. Her is what she has told me:

Her mother's name was Rachel Benjamin, married to Israel (Rubin) Brown.
Rachel Benjamin was the first Jewish doctor in India.
Her father was named Joseph Aaron Benjamin, and he was born in Bombay,
India in the 1800's. Her mother was named Ruth Elias and was born in
Israel in the 1800's. They were married in Calcutta or Bombay on March 14.
They were all considered British subjects.

Does anyone recognize these names or would be able to give me
suggestions as to how I can research this family?
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Josh Brown

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