Re: Searching: LEIBOVICI Family who immigrated to States from Falticeni, Romania #hungary

daniel.lebovici <daniel.lebovici@...>

This may help you: the list of people who got the french nationality between 1900 and 1950 :

First column: Name
second : Birthday
Third : Town In Romania
Fourth : Naturalisation date

Leibovici Avram 10/08/1901 Folticenie 11/08/1947
Matc 20/02/1987 Falticeni 29/01/1930
Zellig 06/05/1905 Folticeni 30/06/1947
Leibovici 27/06/1895 Falteceni 26/09/1947 Birth
name: Bercu
Leibovici 15/05/1886 Falticeni 23/02/1927 Birth
name: Marcovici

Each item has a reference in the french "Journal Officiel".

My grand father was Samuel Leibovici,
Born in Botosani (Romania) birthdate : 31/12/1882
Married with Caroline Stern, born in Dehorf (Romania) in 1882
He came into France in 1906 >from Bucarest
Samuel's parents were Hermon Leibovici and Ernestine Aron

I will be very glad to know if Samuel had sister or brother, and where they

Thanks for help

Daniel Lebovici
Machault France

"irabin" <irabin@...> a ecrit dans le message news:

I am researching the Leibovici family tree >from Falticeni, Suceava county,
Their ancestors are E>from (Efraim) Leibovici & Ita Moscovici Leibovici.
had 8 children:
1. Mose Leib - 1880-1935
2. Sima Leibovici Leibovici - 1882-1952 - My grandmother
3. Avrum Hirs - 1883-1962
4. Leizer Wolf - 1890-19xx - Immigrated to States around 1909
5. Clara Leibovici Luck - 1892-19xx - Immigrated to States around 1916
6. Zelig
7. Iete Leibovici Goldberg - 18xx-19xx - Immigrated to States around
8. Izidor (Strul) - 18xx-1984

I have the following information about the Leibovici who immigrated to
- Leizer Wolf or Louis Leibovici had four children
- Clara Leibovici was married to Harry Luck
- Iete Leibovici was married to William Goldenberg and had three children
1. French - born in 1918
2. James
3. Edward
Iete had contact with my mother (Ida Leibovici Rabinovici) up to 1964, and
she lived in Florida.

I'll be very glad to have the descendants details, and to be in contact
Louis and Iete descendants.

Israel Rabin
K. Ata, Israel

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