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My grandmother's daughters all swear that their mother's name was Eta

However, on Ellis Island she is listed as Mariemlte Milgram. I am
certain she is one and the same person because she was coming to
Atlanta, Georgia to marry my grandfather and Atlanta is where it said
she was coming on the Ship Manifest. Does anybody have any knowledge
about this strange name change? Who should I trust, my aunts or Ellis
Her original legal name might have been something different >from either of
those. It's quite possible that "Eta" is a nickname formed >from her formal
first name -- which would resemble what was written down on Ellis Island,
but not be exactly the same.

The immigration officers on Ellis Island often did things such as spelling
a Norwegian name as if it was Swedish.

My father was born in the US. His legal name was Samuel Abraham Goodman.
His birth certificate gave his name as Abraham Samuel Goodman. His mother
called him Schloime -- which, as I've been told here, would properly be
translated as "Solomon".

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