Finding a grave in Holyoke MA & the name Cecil #general

Fran Segall <FranSegall@...>

I am trying to locate the grave of a cousin, Isaac BROUDY, who died in
Holyoke, Mass. in 1931. His death certificate says "Fairview - Chicopee"
for the location of the burial.

There is a Fairview Cemetery in Chicopee (a town near Holyoke),
but it is not a Jewish cemetery.

I called them anyway, but they have no record of him.
Also, they only keep records filed by the "owner of the plot",
not by the deceased.

Other than contacting every cemetery in the Holyoke / Springfield /
Chicopee area, does anyone have any suggestions?
Has anyone ever encountered incorrect burial information on a death certificate?

The main reason for finding his grave is to learn his father's name.
The death certificate gave his father's name as "Cecil" -
again not what I would have expected!
Any idea what that may have been in Russia / Belarus?
His father never came to the US as far as I know.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


Fran Segall - Manassas, VA

Doing research on:
Galicia, Poland: STRICK, SCHWARTZ (Wielopole)
(Stanislavov/Ivano-Frankovs'k and Bolszowce/Bol'shovtsy),
Ukraine: KLETZEL/KLETSEL, SCHIF (Volhynia region)

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