Re: The menaing of the word komisar? #general

Alexander Sharon

Jennifer Saslafsky wrote:

This is a question that I've been wondering about.
Since I began reading about Jewish life
in Eastern Europe. The word komisar and variations
of it come up.
I don't believe it's an english word.

I think it maybe russian but I am not sure.
Can someone tell me what it means?

My grandmother's maiden name was Komisar and her father
was >from Slutsk. He spoke fluent Russian, Yiddish, and English.

I was wondering how his last name could be related to the meaning of that

Hope someone can help.

Jennifer Saslafsky
Hamden, CT USA

Word commissar (I hope spelling is correct) is >from French which defines an
official equipped with the certain authorities and/or responsibilities.
I recall that commissar was also an administrative function of a police
officer (precinct commander).

Russians governrment official have adopted numerous French administration
functions and structures - a word Gubernia (Province)
is probably one of the good examples of this adoption process.

Governement Minister was known as Peoples Komisar in the Soviet Union
during years 1917 to 1946, the Ministry was known
as Peoples Commissary.

Political offcers (politruks) in the Red Army, and later
in the Soviet Armed Forces have been also known as komisars.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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