Re: British military personnel serving in Bergen Belsen after #general

Jacob D. Goldstein <jake@...>

At 01:05 PM 8/9/02 KLOOGWEIN@... wrote:

I am trying to track down a relative, BERNARD KLUGMANN,
who escaped >from Austria to England in the early years
of W.W.II, served at Bergen Belsen with the Military
Government of the British Army of the Rhine,
and supposedly left England for the USA in 1948.
At the end of WWII, the Allies housed most surviving Jews found in
Europe in what they called Displaced Person (DP) Camps. Many of these
camps were linked to or used the same Concentration Camp facilities
the Germans had developed for the Jews during WWII.

Your relative may have been employed as a translator / nurse / social
worker at the Bergen-Belsen DP Camp. Perhaps this is the way he chose
to go back "home" to search for his lost relatives. See

Jake Goldstein
Boston, Massachusetts

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