Lubowo/Lebova, Lithuania census challenge for about 1800 #general


In Landsmen - July 2002 (Volume 12, Numbers 1-2),
several articles discuss the 1799-1800 Prussian Inventory
and the Jewish Suwalki in the First Half of
the 19th Century.

One article 'pegs' the Jewish census as 135 of the 492
people cited in the Prussian Inventory (circa 1799-1800)
for Bialystok Department.

I propose to organize a (complete) census for this
'135 people' group by soliciting info >from persons
who 'know' their ancestors came >from this town
circa 1800.

Info (birth dates, marriages, etc., for this 'select'
population) can be sorted into Excel to facilitate
sorting, & using Soundex alternatives.

Suggestions for organizing (and/or refining the database
elements) the same will be appreciated.

Interested? Please correspond with me.

My personal interest:
My ggg-grandfather, Rov 'Solomon Rienitz HOMBURG,'
1811-1891 (last name, HOMBURG, is noted on Sheffield,
England gravestone and indicates birthplace
in Hebrew letters as "Lebova").
Possibly his original family last name was REINHERTZ
or variant spellings, but we have no proof of this.
His sister,Rebecca, married a WIGRAM(SKI) and
she also immigrated to Sheffield (DOD is 1905).
Her son, Maurice WIGRAM, also came to Sheffield
in the latter third of the 19th century,
but specific immigration dates are unknown
for any of the above.

Albany, NY
email: le01982@aol (pronounced as "ell-ee-zero-one-nine ... etc.)

Searching family ancestors: BLOCH/K >from Suwalki gubernia; ROSENHOLZ & LEVY >from Kalvaria; and
EIGER >from 'Suwalki gubernia' but near Kalvaria, Lithuania

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