1897 Ukmerge Census #general

Howard Margol

Someone did write me that the 1897 census for Ukmerge
is available. Will it include the city or the entire district.
Do we know all the shtetls included in the Ukmerge district
Thanks again.
Marcia Silberfarb

The exact inventory for the 1897 Census of the Vilkomir (Ukmerge) District is as follows;

Vilkomir (Ukmerge) District [834 families]
Andronishki [5 families]
Anyksciai [448 families]
Debeikiai [73 families]
Oloty [1 family]
Pagiria [6 famies]
Skudutiskis [12 families]
Utena [79 families]
Konstantinova [6 families]
Vilkomir City [195 families]
Vilkomir District - small rurals - [2 families]
Vizhuny [7 families]

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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