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Fran Segall writes:
=I am trying to locate the grave of a cousin, Isaac BROUDY, who died
=in Holyoke, Mass. in 1931. His death certificate says "Fairview -
=Chicopee" for the location of the burial. There is a Fairview Cemetery
=in Chicopee (a town near Holyoke), but it is not a Jewish cemetery.

In small towns, there may not be a separate Jewish cemetary. For
example, my son is buried in a city cemetary in South Carolina, which
has only a Jewish section.

You may want to inquire whether that is the case in Chicopee, which is
rather small. Since they file their records by plot owner rather than
deceased, you might consider giving them the names of survivors who
might have made the arrangements.

I hope this helps.

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