Help at Mt. Zion Cemetery - Queens, NY #general

A. E. Jordan

Wondering if someone would be willing to volunteer to visit Mt. Zion
Cemetery in Queens to help out the cemetery project? I have a fair
amount of work to do at this cemetery and there is no way I alone
would get it all done alone in one day. Was hoping someone (or may
be even two or three someones) would like to volunteer to survey some
graves at Mt. Zion with me.

There is one plot in particular (a Kurlander society plot) that I would
like to work on. I saw it on my last visit and it is well cared for
but it has over 700 stones.

If there are a few people in the New York area that could spare a few
hours, please let me know and let's see if we could work on cataloging
this plot for the database.

Many thanks.

Allan Jordan

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