Re: French naturalization #general

daniel.lebovici <daniel.lebovici@...>

The "Centre des Archives Contemporaines", based in Fontainebleau,
France (77) hold all the records of French naturalization between
1900 and 1950. With the name, the birthdate, the town where the
people bornt and the naturalization date, you can get all the
informations about people.
Here is the adress:
Centre des Archives Contemporaines
2 rue des Archives
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel : 0164317300

An other possibility:
"Les Chercheurs d'AncĂȘtres"
6 rue de l'Oratoire
75001, Paris

Daniel Lebovici

Can anyone tell me how to search for French Naturalization records
Aubrey Jacobus

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