STONE or ZDUN in Suwalki #general


Dear Genners:

I am looking for information which may help me connect my STONE family
from Suwalki to that of a family there with a similar sounding name.
My cousins swear that the name of the family in Europe was STONE, but I am
thinking they never saw the name spelled in Europe, and while they may
have the name pronounced correctly, they could be terribly off with the

I know that there was a ZDUN or ZDON family living in Suwalki in the
1800s, but am looking for information on whether that family came to the
USA. I am specifically looking for persons with the given names of Frank
and Nellie.
Of course these are the anglicized names given on the death certificate of
their daughter, Anna Dora Stone (Smorgonski) Wolfson (1849? Suwalki?? -
1949 Pittsburgh, PA). There names were probably Fischel or Froim and
Nechama, but I have no proof of this, only >from what the names Frank and
Nellie were often derived.

Many thanks,
Evan W. Wolfson
Pittsburgh, PA

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