Re: Canadian Immigration/St. Alban's List Question #general

sallybru <sallybru@...>

I recently learned that there are separate rolls of Buffalo immigration at
NARA, so they may be listed there. I have an URL for the exact page in the
Jewishgen Archives.

However, until recently border crossings were very relaxed in the Niagara
Frontier, so the family (or part of it) may not have been listed at all.
When I was in high school, we taught foreign exchange students to say
'Buffalo' without an accent so we could bike or drive to the beach or
wherever without the fuss of passports. I can imagine 30-40 years earlier,
there might have been less trouble.

The thing I would wonder about is that in the late 20's immigration to the
US was pretty restricted. People had trouble getting papers to immigrate if
they came >from eastern Europe. Canadians came freely. If the family had
been in Canada for a while (and perhaps were Canadian citizens), they might
have come over with no problem or as tourists-and just stayed.

And finally, in doing your search, please remember to check various
alternate spellings/soundexes and dates. If, for example 1930 is on a
different roll, you might be off a year and looking at 1929 having been
given a wrong date.

Sally Bruckheimer
Albany, NY

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