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Alexander Sharon

"Jan Meisels Allen" wrote

In reading the current issue of "Landsman", it states the town of
Stawiski, Poland in Lomza Gubernia was a "private" town, i.e. owned by the
nobility. Does anyone know the name of the nobility who owned Stawiski?
After hearing Gayle Schissel Riley's most informative lecture on Magnate
Landowners at the Toronto Conference, I am hoping to find the Magnate
Landowner archives for Stawiski. Has anyone else had any success in this
Hi Jan,

Polish language Stawiski website at:
prints the folllowing information about the town history:

Satwiski has been mentioned in the historical documents for the first time
in 1426 as the "private village"
Town name is most probbaly originated >from large amount of the ponds in this
area (In Polish water pond = staw).
from 1426 locality was known as Stawiska and >from 1430 as Stawiski. At the
end of 17th century owner of the reginal lands Fortunat Zamoyski has
established a town which was known as Furtunatow, following his name. This
name was not generally accepted and name Stawiski has been restablished.
Till Poland's lost its independence at the end of 18 century, Satwiski have
been administered by the Mazowiecki Province. In 1975 town was under the
Prussian rule, and between 1807 to 1815 was a part of the Warsaw
Principality. In 1870 Stawiski have lost its town priviledges and regain it
again in 1919 in the independent Poland.

It appears Jan, that the member of the mighty Zamoyski family was the
Magnate that you have been looking for.
I could not locate more data about the lucky name owner, count Fortunat

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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