What Name is "Lilka" a diminutive of? #general

Alan Glixman

Dear group,

I have a Polish female relative whose first name I know as "Lilka".

Would anyone know what name Lilka might be a diminutive of?

I have searched the JewishGen and SIG archives and also the Polish Given
Names Database but cannot find any entries.


Alan Glixman
Sydney, Australia

BROKMAN in Poland; EJDELSZTEJN in Poland; GLIKSMAN in Poland
(Lodz, Pabianice & Warsaw); CHAZAN in Poland; HEYMANN (GEJMAN)
in Poland (Praszka & Lodz) & Germany (Regensburg); HONIGSTOCK in Poland
(Krosno); KAFTAL in Poland (Lodz); LICHTENSTEIN in Poland & Germany;
MIRTENBAUM in Poland & Canada; ZYLBERSZTEJN in Poland

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