Large eastern europe Map: Thanks for suggestions #general

Jessica Tropp <jtropp@...>

Using advice >from multiple replies to my query about a wall- sized Eastern
European map, I ordered a 3 by 4 ft wall-sized map of Europe >from an online
vendor ( there are many - just enter "Europe wall map" into your search
engine).While there are several vendors that sell highly detailed
historical maps of areas of Europe, none of them covered the entire area I
needed . However, I realized that there are advantages to using a map of
the entire continent: it allows me to visually trace the journey >from "old
country" to the ports >from which ships to America departed. Even though it
will not give me the small-town detail I would like, I can still stick
flagged pins in the map at the coordinates for the smaller towns that are
not listed.

Then, as suggested by several people, I will take it to a copy shop and
enlarge the section I need the most ( Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland).
Many copy shops have a printer that will "posterize" a smaller image for
about $30. Thanks to those of you who reminded me of this simple fact!

Jessica Tropp
Northampton, MA, USA

ENTE, HIMMEL, DIM/ZINS >from Przemysl, Poland and Rudki, Ukraine
TROPP, COHEN >from Ivano-Frankivsk ( Stanislowow) Ukraine
GOLDNER >from Romania

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