Viewmate 1654: Yiddish Postcard from Poland to Paris #general

Richard Cooper <ric@...>

Dear Genners,

Thank you so much for your kindness in helping me to translate this
postcard. Wudja believe it - it's a Shana Tova card >from exactly 100
years ago! The postmark on the back is dated 17 IX 02, which I
interpret as 17 September 1902. The writer sends good wishes to his
sister-in-law >from himself, his wife, children and mother.
The post town is illegible apart >from the initial letters 'BAP...' which
I deduce to be Warszawa. It is addressed to Madame
nee DANCYGER (Rawa Ruska1858-Paris 1906).
It looks as though the writer is a brother of Anna's husband Joseph
MATELEVITCH, my great-grand-uncle. This card is one of a pair:
the other is written in French, also sent >from Warszawa, to Joseph
MATELEVITCH >from his mother. Interesting that the mother writes
in perfect French while the son writes in Yiddish. She says poignantly
that she has not yet given up hope of seeing her grandchildren.
I do not know if she ever did.
Please accept this card on Viewmate 1654 as my antiquarian Shana
Tova to genners and their families everywhere!

Best wishes
Ric Cooper
Gosport, U K

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