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Alexander Sharon

"Alan Glixman" <> wrote


I have a family member, Marysia (Mira) HONIGSTOCK (nee BROKMAN) born 1907
in Lodz who was a paediatrician (a child specialist). Marysia did not
survive the war.

In the few years before the war I know she lived and worked in Krosno,
Poland. She was in Krosno in 1941 (as shown in the JewishGen Holocaust
database). She *may* also afterwards have been in the Lodz Ghetto,
perhaps even as late as 1944.

Firstly, I am wondering if there are any civil records for Polish
doctors that might be available for the years before the war (or
records >from some professional medical associations)?

Secondly, I am wondering if there is any documentation of doctors who
worked in either the Krosno Ghetto or Lodz Ghetto?

Any help or advice would be gratefully accepted.


Alan Glixman
Sydney, Australia

I am not aware of any available through the Net data compilation on Polish
medical association (s) or the practicing medical doctors prior to WWII.
If Marysia has compted her medical studies in Poland prior to 1939 you may
try to reach those univirsities mrdical schools.

To my best knowledge, main Polish Universities prior to WWII were in:

1.Krakow (Yagiellonian University) - Uniwersytet Jagiellonski
2. Warsaw University - Uniwersytet Warszawski

and two Universities that are now located in Ukraine and Lithuania

3. Lwow- Uniwersytet im. Jana Kazimierza
4.Wilna- Uniwersytet im. Stefana Batorego

It is also possible that Marysia has studied medicine abroad since in the
interwar Poland existed racist "quota" system restricting Jews to enter the
universities (Numerus nulus and numerus clausus).

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Canada

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