Three Malka FINKEL'SZTEINs with the same year of birth, all all married to KRONMANs #general

Martin Kronman <mkronman@...>

Dear Geners

I have a problem that I want your opinion about: Some time ago I found
two occurances of Malka Finkel'sztein married to two different KRONMAN's
in Zdunska Wola:

1. birth of a son, Chenich in 1872 to Malka Finkel'sztein (year of
birth 1852) and Simeon Kronman (1852) in Zdunska Wola.

2. birth of a son, Benjamin in 1870 to Malka Finkel'sztein (year of
birth 1850) and Motlyan Kronman (1850) in Zdunska Wola.

subsequently I have found two branches of the Kronman family steming from
Benjamin and Chenich respectively.

I don't have a problem with this; I assume that either Motlyan or Simeon
died prior or some time after the birth of their sons and Malka married the
other one. My guess is that Motlyan and Simeon were brothers (common
practice I know for a widow to marry her brother in law), I lean toward
Motlyan as having died first.

More recently I turned up a third Malka record >from Zdunska Wola

3. marriage of a son Majlch in 1894 (his date of birth 1870) to Malka
Finkel'sztein (est year of birth 1847) and Zelman Kronman (est year of
birth 1847)

The Malka looks like the same person who married Simeon and Motlyan. Did
she marry three distinct husbands? I doubt it. I could only conclude that
Zelman must be either Simeon or Motlyan with perhaps in one case a middle
given name was used and in another the first given name: example Simeon
Zelman Kronman ; Zelman Simeon Kronman. The given name web site doesnt
show any link of the Simeon to the Zelman name. I can't imagine that
Zelman or Simeon are linked to Motlyan. What is your view of this? Do you
thingkit might be a case of double names as I gave in the example?

I just can't imagine distinct different Malka's having the same year of
birth, nor do three distinct husbands seem likely. I would appreciate your
view of this problem.

with warm regards

Martin J. Kronman
Syracuse, NY

Researching: KRONMAN in Kolo, Konin,
Tuliskow, Warta, Slupca, Kalisz, Zdunska Wola
and Lodz, Poland ;Ukraine; Hungary; United States

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