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Fellow Researchers:

I am trying to follow a thread concerning my mggm, Guta (Gussie)SINGER
HANTMAN and I am lost as to where to begin. This is what I know.

Guta was born in about 1856 to Meir SINGER and Sarah BERGER. Family lore
says that Meir SINGER was a baker in Grodno or therabouts. They had at
least one other child, Jennie, born about 1859. Guta married Vulf Hantman
(Gantman) >from Smilovichi in about 1875-80 and they had 7 children: Mae,
Annie & Sam (twins), Sarah, Israel (aka Jessie, b. (1888), Al, (1889), and
Evno (aka Jacob, George and Jack, b. 1894). My mgf was Jack (Evno) and he
told me that they came to the US (NYC) as a family when he was 2 - about
1896. The settled on the Lower East Side. In about 1910, they moved to
Norwich, CT (near Colchester Road), where they operated a farm and boarded
visitors >from NYC. All of the children married and my gf and his brother Al
changed their last names to HARTMAN. Al and Jesse married sisters, Rose and
Rebecca Cohen.

I would like to try to find the information regarding the date and ship
that they came on. I have my grandfather's naturalization papers and his
application is blank in the area regarding this point. I also have his
birth certificate that confirms his date of birth as being in December,
1894. He was born in Sverzhen' (then Mogilev gubernia).

I would also like to try to find out anything that I can regarding the
SINGER family >from Grodno(?), but I am at a dead end. Any suggestions?

By the way, Jennie SINGER married Aaron SCHITMAN and they lived on Madison
Avenue in Hartford, CT. Jennie's granddaugher, Estelle COHEN and my mother
Estelle KATZ, both told stories of what wonderful bread Guta baked, despite
the fact that in her later years she was blind and my ggf would have to
hand her the ingredients. They said that the family said that she had a
gift for baking that ran in the family. Guta died in May, 1936, while
visiting in CT. Six months later my ggf died - the family says that he
died of a broken heart.

Any ideas for how I can pursue this?

Marlene Bishow
Potomac, MD USA
HANTMAN/GANTMAN: Smilovichi, Sverhen', Belarus
KATZ: Zhuravno (Galicia), Ukraine, NYC
DEUTSCHER & NUSSBAUM: Rozniatow (Galicia), Ukraine, NYC
YARMISH, PETT: I'vya & Wolpa, Belarus

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