Re: Jewish Calendar #general

Steve Eisenstein

I am a real devotee of the PalmPilot and have a program called Tamar that
not only translates English-Jewish dates and Jewish-English dates, but also
allows you to enter your own *events* and follow them through the years.
I recently converted a 1914 English date to the Jewish Date. Another
program that can be downloaded to your own computer is Kaluach which gives
daily prayer times, candle lighting times etc and also allows the 2-way
conversion of dates. Even now that I am on-line full-time (DSL) I still
use both regularly rather than go on-line for date info. Kaluach, BTW,
also accepts user data so you can enter you own info for any given date.


Subject: Jewish Calendar

From: carthay <>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 10:47:56 -0700
Do anyone know if there is a Jewish conversion calendar online that you
can use to find the Yahrzeit date for 2002 if you know the American
death date? Thank you,
Arlene Waters
Los Angeles, CA

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