Roszyszc Wolhyn, Sokol #general

Irv Kramer <irvdk@...>

Dear Genners,
I am in need of a little help regarding the place of residence of my
family. Manifest's and other documents list two references to where they
where >from listed as Sokol, Roszyszc Wolhyn, Russia. I also found 2
where it listed them >from Sokola, Roszyszc Wolhyn. This is my
grandfathers side.

On my grandmothers side they are listed >from Sekula, Sokal, Soklia and from
Sohny, Wolhyn. All of this on different documents. I have located on the
map Wolhyn which is spelled Volhynia, Roszyszc is in Ukraine and is
spelled Rozyce on the maps. Sokol is 9.6 miles north of Rozyce.
I have been trying to find out if they are one and the same and cannot
nail it down. Could anyone suggest where I might find some more
information that might help me?.

Thank you in advance,

Irv Kramer
Pittsburgh, Pa
Researching: PIATIGORSKY and KRAMER Kiev to Cleveland,
STEIN, GREENBERG and NOSACZ Skelya,Russia, Pittsburgh Pa,
STEIN Loutolm, Sokola, Poland Toledo, Oh

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