Re: Help on Yiddish names into English diminutives #general

Robert Israel <israel@...>

Alex Bender <alemik@...> wrote:

I know that Sarah's sisters' names in this country were Mary and Ida. I am
pretty sure that she only had two sisters, although I'm not certain.
My question concerns Yiddish *equivalents* of these names. I recently
found a picture (which belonged to Sarah) on which there is Yiddish on
the back. Translated, it is addressed to *Mera* and is >from *Dina.* Do
these Yiddish names in any way match up to the English names of Sarah,
Ida, or Mary? If so, which ones?

*Mera* is very likely to be Mary. None of the names is particularly
related to Dina, as far as I know.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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