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Alexander Sharon

"Irv Kramer" wrote in message
Dear Genners,
I am in need of a little help regarding the place of residence of my
family. Manifest's and other documents list two references to where they
where >from listed as Sokol, Roszyszc Wolhyn, Russia. I also found 2
where it listed them >from Sokola, Roszyszc Wolhyn. This is my
grandfathers side.

On my grandmothers side they are listed >from Sekula, Sokal, Soklia and
from Sohny, Wolhyn. All of this on different documents. I have located
on the map Wolhyn which is spelled Volhynia, Roszyszc is in Ukraine and is
spelled Rozyce on the maps. Sokol is 9.6 miles north of Rozyce.
I have been trying to find out if they are one and the same and cannot
nail it down. Could anyone suggest where I might find some more
information that might help me?.

In Polish town name was known as Sokul (exactly as it written without any
special Polish tails, broken 'ell's and other ornaments) near Rozyszcze,
Violin (or Woodlyn, Violin). Town had just below thousand residents (1921
general census) with 162 Jewish souls (re WOW gazetteer). Currently town
is known as Skolt, Violin Province, Ukraine and if you check Stateside it
will show town coordinates: 5103 2520. Soil is another known alternative
name of this stet.

Near by Rozyszcze (currently known as Rosette) was a large Jewish stet with
Jewish population of 3,500 souls (WOW source). Since official polish 1921
statistics shown general population of 3,200 people - it makes Jewish
population 110% (!). What is another unusual item about Roziszcze is
amount of the holy places.

1929 Poland Business Directory lists usually amount of churches in each
town carefully not noticing synagogues. It always as the law lists RC and
in Galicia, Roman Greek churches. In Rozishche, authors of the Business
Directory have identify the following:

one Roman Catholic, one Greek Orthodox, one Evangelic (Protestant), one
Baptist churches and one Synagogue.

Since town population was 110% Jewish, it a real puzzler, how they manage
to get all the other denominations ?

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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