Re: Help on Yiddish names into English diminutives #general

sallybru <sallybru@...>

As we have pointed out many times, any English name could be used with any
Hebrew/Yiddish/Russian/ Polish/Whatever name. My gr grandfather used a
different name in Britain and the US.

However, Sarah is already a Hebrew name, so if she was Sarah, why change.
Of course, she could have been something else and liked Sarah better.

My gr gr grandmother, Zepora, was Ida, Helen, and Birdie on her kids' death
certificates (she was never in the US). So Ida could be Zepora, but I
would think Ida would more likely be Ita or Etta.

My gr grandmother Merle was Mary or Marian in English so that is possible,
but Mera is fine also. Of course my grandmother Rosa was called Matilda.

As you can see, the initial sound usually stayed the same, but not always.
Anything is possible.

Sally Bruckheimer
Albany, NY

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