The way Jewish Genealogy used to be... and now #general

Yigal Rechtman <rechtman@...>

Hello All,

Jewish genealogy used to be a hard thing to come by. Information was
mostly based on scattered sources, and roumors of where to find things
were more prevelant than facts.

Thanks to hard work of a few, and help of many, this changed in the past

I think that those who come now take for granted the immense value in
JewishGen. We should not take it for granted. Go on line, take your credit
card and make a small donation to Jewishgen. Do it before this Rosh
Hashana and then again sometime this winter.

A once a year visit to the donation web page, can make a year-round
research happen. No one else will foot that bill for us. We better
maintain it ourselves.

-Yigal Rechtman

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