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Yes, there was a place called Czaple near Lemberg (Lviv) during Austrian
rule. The town today is called Chapli and located at coordinates 4931
2302, about 75 KM SW of Lviv.

During the Austrian period and up through WWII, vital events for Czaple
were registered in the nearby town of Sambor. Sambor is one of the 86
Administrative towns in east Galicia whose vital records are part of the
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland AGAD Archives project. Sambor records
have already been indexed and can be searched online at The Sambor records
indexed are:

Births: 1862-1883, 1885-1892, 1895-1899
Marriages: 1877-1897
Deaths: 1868-1883, 1887-1898

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archives Coordinator

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Dear Genners,
Is there any place called *Czaple* near Lviv?
I was told by two different sources, in relation to a centain
person I'm researching:

- Was born in a place called Czaple, in the Galitzia area, Poland.
- Was born in a town close to Lviv, Ukraine.
The closest Czaple I found is not even close to Ukraine.
Can someone shed some light on this puzzle?

Yaacov Slizak
Ennis, Co.Clare, Ireland

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