Pier 21 Halifax #general

Isadore Fine <ifine@...>

During a recent trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, I visited Pier 21, which is
where most of the immigrants to Canada >from 1928 to 1971 arrived. It is now
a museum honoring Canada's immigrants. I suppose that we could call it
Canada's equivalent to Ellis Island.

The multi-media show gives us some idea of what the immigrants experienced
on their arrival in Canada.

There are many other exhibits, including models and photographs of the ships
that carried many of our ancestors to our shores.

The most interesting part of our tour was the resource center, where a
member of their staff was able to locate my father on their database and
thus we were given a copy of the original immigration manifest from

This manifest contains information which I never had before. In fact it
refers to a relative in Montreal who I never heard of.

Touring Pier 21 is a very worthwhile experience, especially for those of us
whose family arrived there >from Europe.

Their website is pier21.ns.ca

Issie Fine

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