Malcolm Dodd <maldodd@...>

Looking for a M W BECKER. She became Becker on marriage but was born DECKER.
She was born in Germany where her sister Mrs. N. Simon remained.
Her other sister Mrs. Celia/Lina (Samuel) Spitz lived in Chicago

Three brothers

ALFRED DECKER born 1872 married Raye H. born 1880 daughter Mae b 1907

ADOLPH DECKER born 1862 did not marry.

EDWARD DECKER who was born Nov 16, 1851 in Germany and died Nov 16, 1912 in
Chicago, Illinois, he entered NY June 22, 1907 married Johanna Leserman
born 1868.

Thanks in advance for any help
Please respond direct to
Malcolm Dodd
Quinta do Lago 8135
NEIGER (Cleveland IL)
LESERMAN (Chicago)

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