Viennese Mental Hospital "Steinhof" #general

Fritz Neubauer

Yacov asked asked about the Viennese Mental Hospital Steinhof:

"Is there any available information on patients records for the *Am
Steinhof* mental hospital in Wien, Austria?

The person I am researching was supposedly admitted to this institution
around 1928, and probably transported to Poland between 1938 and 1942."

My comment:

Information about Austrian victims is often available through the
Dokumentationsarchiv des oesterreichen Widerstands

This site also has a link to an exhibition about the history of the Steinhof
institution (which is now called "Baumgartner Hoehe" since the term
"Steinhof" had become a household word in Vienna), its uses and abuses as
well as an email address for further inquiries:

The Exhibition in Vienna's Otto Wagner Hospital

Exhibition site

Pavillon V
Otto Wagner-Spital
Baumgartner Ho"he 1
1145 Vienna


Wolfgang Lamsa

I hope that helps

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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