Re: search for city of "Berdiansh" #general

Alexander Sharon

Burt Altman" wrote

I would like to inquire >from the list if anyone has heard of the town of
"Berdiansh," in the Ukraine? It was listed on the Ellis Island ship
manifest as my paternal grandfather's place of residence. Other possible
places of residence I have documented are Kobelyaki and Kerch, and through
your help, I've located those places.

Does "Berdiansh" ring a bell with anyone? Could it be some type of
spelling variation of another town, or the shortened form for another
This is most probably town Berdyansk (current spelling per ShtetlSeeker)
There are 12 entries for this shttel in the JGFF database.
Town is located in the southern part of the modern Ukraine on the Sea of
Azov near near larger towns Mariupol and Melitopol.

My ultimate purpose is to track down my family lineage on my maternal and
paternal grandparents side. My maternal grandfather, who took the name
Sheff," (>from Korestoschewski) is >from the Ukraine, and my paternal
grandfather, who took the name "Altman," (>from Barrett, or a version
thereof) came >from a city called "Tarnopol," which was intermittently
Russian, Polish, and Austrian, but at the time he lived there, it was part
of Austria-Hungary.
Back in 1994 (refer to the JewishGen digest archives) Paul Silverstone
wrote: "Can anyone help with the family CHOROSTOSHEFFSKY >from Mariupol"

It apears that you have a connection there with the Paul inquiry.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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