Re: Trepman VS Trejbman - your opinion #general

sallybru <sallybru@...>

When looking for ancestors, one of the things to keep in mind was that
clerks spelled names by 'how they sounded' in many instances. If a Polish
or Russian clerk had to write a Yiddish name, the same thing happened as
when an Ellis Island clerk or a US census taker heard an unfamiliar name.
So my gr grandmother, Rachel Lowenstein, was listed as Rachel Livingston on
her daughter's birth record in New York. And Trejbman could easily become

It is, however, not necessarily the same person or the same family. If I
didn't have other information about my grandmother's family, I wouldn't know
for sure that I had the right birth record, and you can't know that any
Trepman is necessarily 'your' Trejbman. You need other information to make
that decision.

Sally Bruckheimer
Albany, NY

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