What is new this month at the Belarus SIG #general

Edward Rosenbaum <erosenbaum@...>

The Shtetls of Belarus has been enhanced to have links >from each shtetl to
the Jewish Encyclopedia website. In addition, over the last few months, the
following web pages have been added to the SIG website

- Grodno Jewish Vital Records and FHL Film Numbers, contributed by David Fox

- Accessing Landsmanshaften Records at YIVO, by Jerry Seligsohn and Edward

-1960-1975 Chasnich-Bieshenkowitz Society Membership Dues Lists, contributed
by Jerry Seligsohn

- How to use the Belarus SIG website to find your Belorussian ancestors and
their shtetls, by Edward Rosenbaum

- Vileika Aid Society of Lynn Massachusetts and nearby communities,
contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

- Volkovysk Associations, contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

- Congregation Ahavoth Zedek Anshei Timkowitz, contributed by Jerry

- Uller Benevolent Association, contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

- Swislotcher Brotherhood Association Burial Permits, contributed by Jerry

- 1937 Swislotcher Brotherhood Association Membership List, contributed by
Jerry Seligsohn

- Stoliner Progressive Society, by Jerry Seligsohn

- United Smolevitzer Association - Membership Dues 1948-1972, contributed by
Jerry Seligsohn

- Skidler Benevolent Society, contributed by Jerry Seligsohn

- August 7, 1942 list of Novogrudok victims, contributed by Henryk Limon

- Schklover Benevolent Society Membership Biography, contributed by Jerry

-Inventory of certain files (mainly Slutsk and Novogrudok uyezds) in the
National Historical Archives of Belarus (NHAB)in Minsk, by Neville Lamdan

- Research report - National Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk, by
Neville Lamdan

-Edward Rosenbaum
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AARONSON (Russia), BELLER (Slonim, Belarus), BUDNA/BUDNE (Brok and Ostrow
Maz Poland), GRUNDFAST (Belarus), HOFFMAN/OFMAN, (Brok and Ostrow
Mazowiecka Poland), KRIEGEL, MONKA (Przasnysz, Poland), NOVAK (Makow,
Poland), ROSENBAUM (Svezhkovtse and Khmeleva, Galicia), ROSOFF, ROTTENBERG
(Galicia), SHATZ/SHISHATZKY/SZYSZACKI (Lunna and Porozovo, Belarus),

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