How can I find a family that lived in Tunis in 1943? #general

Bob Cohler <sudsvillebob@...>

I am trying to find a family that I knew in Tunis, Tunisia in 1943 (yes,
during the war.) The family was Dr. Joseph ENRIQUEZ, living at XX Rue
Emile Duclaux Tunis. He was a dentist- note that I said "was" because I
think that he and his wife are no longer living. They did have a
daughter,Paulette, a son-in-law.Marcel and a granddaughter, Simonette
kiving with them. I was back in Tunis 3 years ago, but even the Police
could not tell me where the street was,as in the 1950's, there was some
sort of ethnic cleansing in Tunisia. The family was Jewish, but I don't
know what Temple they belonged to Incidentally, I never did know
Paulette's married name. Any clues, help or anything that can put me on
the road to reconnecting with them will be greatly appreciated. Thank
you for listening to me.
Bob Cohler

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