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<< a genner sent me a message that Abraham's grandson was named Nocher, so
it appears that my Uncle Irving may well have been Nocher >>

==That's a damgerous authority, "a genner sent me a message." We have to be
alert to the fact that not all genners are experts. Some are well-informed,
some mean well, some are foolish, some are ill-informed, some occasionally
play jokes (not, I hope, with malicious intent). Before we just accept "a
message" >from "a genner"--and certainly before we post it online as "the
truth"--we should know something about the trustworthiness of the person
whose message we quote (and, just for the record, I've posted my own measure
of erroneous statements--and later regretted them and sometimes corrected

I don't know who this Abraham is or how he's related to Housemom or her
uncle Irving-Nocher. If that is who was intended, it most certainly was not
the Patriarch Abraham, as a cursory reading of the appropriate chapters in
the Bible makes clear. There is no person named Nocher in the Hebrew Bible
and a search of ten different versions of Christian translations (including
the Vulgate) fails to bring up anyone with that name.

Perhaps the genner who sent "a message" was thinking of Nachor? Nachor was
*father* of Terach. Terach was father of Abraham the Patriarch, so Nachor
rather than being the grandson was the grandfather to Abraham. Also, Abraham
had a younger brother also named Nachor. Nachor, Abraham's brother, did
indeed become a grandfather--to Rebecca, who became the bride of Abraham's
son Isaac, and she was the mother of Jacob.

Let's be careful before we teach, or citicize, or claim "the last wrod."

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