Machzike Hadath Anshei Zborow - how do I locate temple records? #general

Michael Kranish <mkranish@...>

Dear Group,
I am trying to determine if there are any records, newsletters, etc. >from a
now-defunct Manhattan temple called Machzike Hadath Anshei Zborow. This is
according to the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Federal Writers Project
Survey of State and Local Historical Records (1939)
Church Records Jewish - Synagogue. It doesn't say what year the temple
organized and I haven't seen the actual card entry - this information is
gleaned >from the New York Jewish Genealogical Society database. (found at:
I'm guessing the temple was organized around the turn of the last century
and probably last for 15 or 20 years. Was it absorbed by another larger
temple? Do records exist anywhere? Or at least the names of incorporators or
please respond by email even if you post.
Thank you
researching Meyer KRONISH/Kronish of Zborow

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