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Dear Genners,

Last week I went to do some research at the National Library at Hebrew
U., Jerusalem. I want to share my experiences with you all.

As you enter the library, turn right and go through the turnstile.
Continue straight a few meters/yards, until you get to the catalogue room
on the left. The card catalogues are gone, and in their place are
computer terminals to look up the call numbers for ordering books.
You can prepare in advance by going into the library's web site at . This is the same site that you will access
at the library. With the numbers, you can order books to one of the
reading rooms, up one flight of stairs.

Once into the web site, scroll down a bit and click on ' web access to
the catalogue '. Next, click on enter the catalogue. Next, click on '
browse '. Even if you have Hebrew capability on your computer, you don't
need to use the ' change to Hebrew ' option. The Hebrew option will show
everything in Hebrew instead of English. When you search for a book, you
have to use the language that the book is written in, and you can switch
from English to Hebrew at will. (I imagine that Israelis will understand
this, non Israelis probably won't. But if you don't have Hebrew on your
computer it doesn't really matter.) At the library they have computers
that work in Hebrew/English/Russian.

Now you can look up a book, by title, or an author, by name. When you
get a list of books or authors, click on the one you want. This will give
you the details. However, the number listed is not the number for
ordering the book. You have to click on holdings. That will give you the
call number. Some books are listed as 'for loan' and others as 'not for
loan'. Those for loan can be taken out of the library, if you're
a card carrying member (180 NIS a year). Those not for loan can only be
ordered for reading in one of the reading rooms.

There were some books that were listed as being in the Judaica reading
room, so I didn't order them. When I got to the Judaica reading room, I
asked one of the librarians where I could find the books. She looked
at the number, and seeing that it had a code of GEN, she told me that
there's a genealogy section in the reading room. As you enter the Judaica
reading room you go through a turnstile and turn right. Go to the
end of the room where you will see a stair case on your left. At the
top of the stairs, the first set of bookshelves is the genealogy section.
You can find there, amongst others, Dr. Rosenstein's 2 volume second
edition of "The Unbroken Chain", Chaim Freedman's book on the Vilna Gaon,
"Toldot Mishpachat Ginsberg" by Magid, with the family tree, Meir
Wunder's "Eleph Margoliot", plus maybe a hundred more books. Not all
of the books were listed in the website as being in the reading room. As
an example, I ordered "The Unbroken Chain" and got the 1 volume first

You can also find "Otzar Harabanim" and "MeOrei Galicia", opposite the
middle section of the librarians section.

You can take books down to the basement for photocopying. They require
that you leave an ID when you do so.

I hope that this helps someone.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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