Re: JONT #general


The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee still exists.

I did a search on google for Joint Jewish ORG and these were some
of the websites that came up:
This last web page gives a brief history about the JDC, which started
back in 1914 when Henry Morgenthau Sr. cabled Jacob Schiff, asking for
$50,000 to help Jews in pre-WWI Eretz Yisrael -- and this sum was raised
within a month.
According to the website the "JDC is still serving as the overseas arm
of the American Jewish community."

Their e-mail address appears to be: info@...

Shanah Tovah,
Judi Langer-Surnaemr Caplan

<< My mother-in-law, in Poland, was in correspondence with an
organization regarding reparations for Holocaust survivors. She is
rather elderly and has lost their address. She can only remember
that the name of the organization was (apparently) an acronym "JONT",
and that it might have been headquartered in New York City. Any info
would be appreciated. >>

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