Re: instructions and status of orders from PSA #general

Michael Herzlich

I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about,
but I have successfully ordered documents >from the
JRI-Poland / AGAD. It was fairly simple and I was
surprised it took only 2 months for the documents to
arrive (congratulations on a job well done).
I simply did a search at the JRI-Poland web site
(, printed out the
table that resulted and highlighted the documentation
I wanted. Then followed the link provided in the
search results to complete the order form
then followed the link to create the order form
including the mailing address. Cost is $11 per record.

If you need assistance on the links/procedure I
followed please contact me directly.

Now if I could only find someone to translate the
polish. I see names and dates, but ...

Mike Herzlich

<< Can anyone update us on the issue regarding orders of
vital records >from PSA in Poland? There was a problem with
currency charges that needed to be resolved, I believe.

Is there a new procedure to order vital records?
Should we use the old procedure? Should we continue to wait?

Shana Tova,

Marty Meyers <meyers01@...> >>

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