New Constantine, Ukraine #general

Mel Sofian <msofian@...>

My search for my late wife's maternal family (SPITALNY) has so far been
eminently unsuccessful. However, I have found a note among her papers
that said that their town translated into "New Constantine" supposedly
in the (now) Ukraine.

Her grandfather, Hyman SPITALNY, came to the U.S. on a ship >from an
Italian port (Bari?, Trieste?). To what ports in the U.S. would ships
from those ports go?
This would be in 1890's or early 1900's.
(I have found no trace of him on the EIDB)

His wife, Leah SPITALNY, nee WEINBERG, and daughter Jennie, followed
later. The rest of the family, including my to-be mother-in-law
Charlotte were born in the U.S. The family settled in New Jersey.

Town and port information is suitable for the general discussion group.
Any family information (if available), please send privately.

Mel Sofian
Studio City, CA

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