EIDB success #general



As soon as it bacame available on-line, I accessed the EIDB to find my
mgf, Barnett LEVINE. The scan for the Vaderland, June 25, 1906, however,
was not available. I have periodically checked back, still with no luck.
With the unfortunate demise of the Morse sites, I thought I'd try again.
To my amazement and delight, it appeared today!! After a few attempts in
2001, I had contacted the Ellis Island people to find out if or when the
scan would be available. They did not respond, so I have no idea if my
success is an isolated event or if this is the result of a concerted
effort to make all the unscanned visable. For those in a similar
situation, I think my lesson is keep trying (or break down and order the
film through FHL, National Archives or buy the page >from the Foundation).

The scan revealed that he was to meet an uncle, Michel GORDON, of East
Broadway in Manhattan. This is a name I've never encountered in my family
search. Barnett's mother's maiden name was LEVITT, and it's very possible
that GORDON was not the original name. And there's always the chance that
the men were not related at all. In any event, it's another intriguing
clue to pursue.

L'Shana tovah

Ty Henken
Centennial, colo.

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