Surname REESE from Lithuania #general

Steve Orlen

On Shimon ORLIN's 1910 ship manifest, he lists as leaving behind a sister
Bane REESE, in Sosle (aka Zaslia, et al). On Shimon's daughter Riwa's
manifest (same boat, separate listing), she lists as leaving behind her
aunt, Bassa REESE. The same person, of course. This is the first time
I've heard of this great-great-aunt. The ORLIN family also lived in
Vieves, Bagaslaviskis, and Vilnius. Also, I don't recognize either Bane or
Bassa as Jewish given names. The closest I can come is Basya, Bina, and
Bune. Do any of the Lithuanian REESE's have such a woman in their trees?

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, Arizona

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