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On Sept.4/02 Michoel Ronn wrote in part:

<< I am seeking any articles or information about the Jewish community of
Tiraspol in Moldova. (I am not referring to Terespol or Tirashpol, which
are different cities.) I am especially interest in knowing Jewish
population statistics at various times and the names of the rabbis there.
I have already searched in a number of sources, without success. >>

My copies of the 1962 Columbia-Lippincott Gazetteer as well as Chester
G. Cohen's "Shtetl Finder Gazetteer," and Miriam Weiner's "Jewish Roots in
Ukraine and Moldova" have listings for "Tiraspol" in Bessarabia. ( I've
found no listing for Tirashpol, but in Cohen's Gazetteer there is an entry
for a "Tereshpol," south of Lublin, and a "Terespoli," west of Brest-
Litvosk. The C-L, also has an entry for Terespol.)

Cohen's entry for Tiraspol mentions the name of only one rabbi of
Tiraspol, Chaim Shapiro, who was born in 1861. Mr. Ronn should post his
inquiry about Tiraspol rabbis to the RAV SIG because many subscribers to
special interest group are very knowledgeable about Rabbis and their
genealogies, or at leastm they can refer inquirers to the appropriate

The only population statistic I have thus far found for Tiraspol is the
C-L's which says only that in 1939 it had a population of 43,000. But the
C-L doesn't indicate the proportion of Jews in that 1939 population.

A "google" search for Tiraspol turned up a website:

which indicates that the Lubovitcher Chassids are attempting to revive
some community spirit among the few Jews that may have remained there or
returned. The site also offers the name of its present rabbi and an email
address to which one may write.

Another website for the Encarta Encyclopedia's brief account of Tiraspol's
history which mentions only the relatively small proportions of ethnic
Russians to the large Rumanian population.

Still another website says that there
are now 2,500 Jews in Tiraspol, but another at

says there are only 2,200

If he hasn't already done so, Mr. Ronn may want to read the account of
Moldavian Jews at:

Fooling around for Tiraspol at the new

turned up only mention of a family of converts, but a search for
"Bessarabia" produced eventually some 1897 census statistics but with no
breakdown for Jews in Tiraspol. A little more insight into Jewish
population in Bessarabia can be found by clicking on the Encyclopedia's
account of agricultural colonies in Russia.

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