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I have recently sent several postings, in different contexts, concerning
my mgf, Barnett LEVINE. He died shortly after his 36th birthday in 1917
of an autoimmune disease. He was ill for four months before he passed
away. At the time he was the father of two small children and my gm was
pregnant with a third. Although he is buried in the Minsker Young Friends
section of United Hebrew on Staten Island, I'm not convinced he had been a
dues paying member prior to his death. (I have never seen documents to
prove or disprove).

Minsker Young Friends has 2 other sections; at Montefiore and Mt.
Hebron-both in Queens. These would have been far more convenient for a
young widow >from Williamsburg with 3 children. Before the buildout of the
subway system, I suspect the only way to get to United Hebrew within one
day was by car through New Jersey. I believe that it would have been
extremely difficult for her to visit the grave more than once a year, if
at that. Given the distance >from Brooklyn, it's likely that the plot
would have been much cheaper than the closer ones. I think if he was a
regular member he would have been buried in Queens. On the other hand, he
was >from Igumen, which is in the Minsk gubernia.

Behind my gf's stone are several small, pauper-like ones. The writing was
difficult to read, but they seemed to mark the graves of children, roughly
from the time of the 1918-9 flu pandemic. These tend to buttress my
belief that this particular section was, at least at that time, for non-
members who couldn't afford more. The society may have purchased the land
for future expansion.

I think it may be important, sans documentation, to be as observant as

L'Shana Tovah

Ty Henken
Centennial, Colo.

PECKEL>Ushachi, Vitebsk
LEVIN,LEVITT>Cherven, Minsk
INTRELEGATOR>Siauliai, Kaunas GUTMAN>Jaunjelgava, Latvia

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