Use Obituaries for Research #general

David Simon Bendory <david90@...>

I spent hours over the past weeks combing through local newspapers in
search of obituaries. While some are quite "standard" and don't have
any new information, others have a wealth of new tidbits.

Examples: Did you know what synagogue the deceased attended? What
charitable organizations they were involved with? All the places they

Sometimes you get lucky (strange to say about an obituary) and find
that all the siblings and / or children are listed with accompanying
town names. In one case, I even discovered siblings I didn't know

Also, maiden names are almost always included, and there is often a
residence of a family member (or the deceased) listed as the shiva

I had never gone after obituaries -- I've been getting death
certificates, thinking they had all the relevant information. But they
only have the "hard facts."

As we all no doubt reflect upon our lives as Rosh HaShanah approaches,
we should remember that those we research are not just the composite
facts we gather. They had lives full of hobbies and interests, just
like we do.

K'tivah v'chatimah tovah l'kulchem!

David Simon Bendory
Livingston, NJ
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Timisoara, Anina
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