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Dear Ron,
There could be a very simple reason. It is possible that the original
organization used Yiddish at its meetings and the younger members wanted
to conduct meetings in English, so they became the "New Nook(?)"

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<< My grandmother was, for many years the President of the Proskurov Ladies
Society, division of the Proskurov Zion Society. Upon her death the PZS
placed a special bronze plaque on her gravestone in honor of her many
years of totally dedicated service to the organization and for her
untiring work in raising funds for Proskurovites who suffered the Pogroms
and the Nazi occupation.

Most of the collateral family members were also members, and officers of
PZS and also of the offshoot "New Nook" society. Why this offshoot was
ever formed is a question I've never been able to answer. It certainly has
nothing to do with any 'shtetl' by that name. A rift between the PZS
members, perhaps?

Ron Goldman, FL.
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